Helping to Pave the Way

As we become increasingly aware of the impacts of our industry upon the natural environment we come to recognize that changes are in order.

Scientists predict that our natural resources will one day be drained to a point that will necessitate a drastic change to our society.  While it is common knowledge that our consumption of fossil fuels such as oil and coal cannot continue at the current rate indefinitely, even the overuse of plants and animals has limitations.

Furthermore, the medical community has determined that prolonged exposure to pollutants can cause increased genetic damage from generation to generation.  It is therefore possible that our race will eventually experience widespread birth defects and cancer epidemics should we continue with the status quo.

Aurora Associates, Inc is committed to manufacturing products from natural, renewable resources; products of which the use and disposal are designed for maximum human safety and minimal ecological impact. 

It is our goal to help pave the way to a brighter future; to leave as healthy and beautiful a planet as possible for the generations to come.